August 30, 2022

G-band- Small contribution from Greenvolt to fight Covid19

Sarthak Baxi

“Lockdown is like Abhimanyu’s chakravyuh.

All of us entered in it, but coming out of it is a complicated process”

- Uday Kotak, (MD Kotak Mahindra bank)

As entire India is unlocked now even though corona virus is still between us,we all need to work putting ours and our families life under risk for financial stability.

Covid-19 cases are rising day by day and India has become 4th worldwide in terms of highest cases with 5,00,000+ cases and counting.

We need to live with the fact that it is going to stay with us till the vaccine become accessible, but we can’t afford another lockdown now or can’t afford to close our offices/factories and sit at home as all of us can’t work from home.

It is now in our hands to save ourselves from getting infected while we are out of our respective homes working whole day.


Do you know who are the top 10 corona virus spreaders in the world?

Our very own 10 fingers!

Human hands are the gateway of Infection.The spread start from our hands.

Regularly Sanitizing or washing our hands has become as essential as wearing masks. Government has made a rule to wear mask but cannot make a rule for hand sanitization.

We have seen many products from Pocket sanitizers, foot operated dispenser to Contactless sanitizer dispenser which are aimed to make hand sanitization convenient.

But , none of the solutions are as convenient as we want it and we all tend to forget sanitizing our hands when it is required the most.

It can be anything from our laziness, accessibility to inconvenince or It has not become a habit yet.

Keeping all these in mind since we could not build electric bikes in lockdown because of obvious reason, we thought to invest our time, money and intellect in designing something which makes hand sanitization frequent, convenient and most importantly we wanted to make something that create a habit of regular sanitization.

India has stepped up its ante by manufacturing lots of things which we used to import earlier. From PPE, mask, sanitizer to ventilators in this global crisis.

Greenvolt has always aimed to make unique and unconventional products and what better time to invent products which solves the real life problems.

So, here we are launching this new product which is unique to a whole new level, Although It will be part of Greenvolt but with a different brand and different mission to promote hygiene.

We all know and accept that we, majority of Indian population lack hygiene and under Abhay(Our new brand:))we are committed to invent products which can change the status quo.

Last but not the least, Any product under Abhay is going to be 100% designed and made in India, from raw material to the finish product. Our Prime minister’s request to the nation to be Atmanirbhar and as India is facing China at the border, we pledge to boycott anything that is chinese in Abhay.

With that said, we are launching a 100% designed and made in India sanitizer dispenser in few days.

Exciting times ahead!

Oh, One more thing.

Just in case if someone is curious about mantis , Manufacturing of it has been resumed and we are going to expand our sales and service network pan India after august. Till then, we have pending deliveries to clear by July end so no new orders till Mid July!

Lot more exciting days ahead!


- Sarthak Baxi

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