August 28, 2022

1000 days of greenvolt

Sarthak Baxi

“If a company survives the first 1000 days, it is built to last”- As a Gujarati I have heard this a lot.

On 30th March 2019, we became 1000 days old. (Phew!)

1000 days of pure excitement, enthusiasm, passion and hard work, Just to create a better solution for transportation and moreover a sustainable one.

1000 days ago, it all started with just one pain point and a pinching question- “Why were electric vehicles portrayed as mediocre and un-evolved pieces of technology by the manufacturers in comparison with other automotive achievements?”

We all know the potential of electric powertrain and its widespread application. It is being widely used in all household appliances, machineries and in almost every industry we can think of.

Then why should the transportation space be left behind in taking the numerous advantages of electric powertrain when we all know how petrol or diesel is a major contributor of pollution in India and world. There are more than 100 reasons for this (which we can discuss later), but it is true that no one, as of now, has found the right key to solve the puzzle of future of mobility in India or rather, they have never bothered to search for it with a holistic vision.

It was time to take things in our hands and to solve this we worked for 3 years tirelessly, started from scratch, designed and built everything that was possible to make indigenously, outsourced from the best of worlds what was needed and after hundreds of trials, more than 10 prototypes and 50,000 km of testing we found the perfect combination which satisfied the engineer in us.

1000 days have been utilized entirely for the research and development, just to ensure that in the next 10,000 days we spark the change in the scenario of transportation.

The journey so far has been filled with lots of ups and downs but the dream of the future is what keeps us going and strive towards continuous innovation and improvement.

The principals on which this company is built are the same on day 1000 and it will be the same on the 1,00,000th day.

These principals are,

  1. 100% Green and sustainable solution
  2. Affordability
  3. Convenience
  4. Made in India

The products that you see in the coming months have been built keeping in mind depth of these principals.

As an automotive enthusiast I always ask this question to myself, why do we still use petrol or diesel vehicles for transportation? Is it just because it is convenient and there is no proper alternative? (Do ask this question to yourself too)

What if I tell you, that our electric vehicles can give you the best, much better than petrol or diesel vehicles?

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Stay tuned to know how!

The future is electric. The future is now.

Sarthak Baxi

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