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Greenvolt is an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer. Started in 2016 with the vision to “change the perception of EVs in India for the better”, we have travelled a good distance and yet  Dilli abhi door hain ( We have much road to travel ) . We believe in crafting and developing each part that goes into our offerings and your experience.

This singular thought made us India’s only vertically integrated EV manufacturer. We have our own proprietary motor, control system, battery management system, and deep partnerships with leading Tier-1 suppliers with whom we develop and execute our designs. 

Through indigenisation of manufacturing, we walk on the path of becoming Atmanirbhar ( self-sustaining) and less reliant on convoluted supply chains. Our iterative approach, multiplied by our team’s curiosity culture helps us hone our product consistently. We have done the same through deep and thorough market research over the years.

We aspire to be leading globally in the Electric 2 - Wheeler segment, watch out for us !

 Mobility | Technology | Eco-System

The values that hold us true and to account.


We love to make things work, and in this journey we leave no stone unturned and document each of our failures

Ethics & Fairness

Be it commerce or intellectual properties, we dispose of our duties with transparency, while recognising and upholding our partner’s rights.

Strong Culture

We believe in our team, and we increasing take bets based on their judgements. To enable such a strong culture of responsibility and growth, we encourage feedback and radical cantor.

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